Beauty Academy

Beauty Academy


Vocational courses in beauty and skin care has great potential for aspiring professionals. Specialization in cosmetology can give you the real-time experience for today’s fashion and beauty care industry. You can also pursue your career as a professional makeup artist, Mehandi artist, and a complete bridal studio specialist. Saira Salon takes you to the heights of professionalism from the basics.


All our trainers have accredited certification, experience, and specialization in the vast range of beauty academy faculty. We understand the versatility of market demands and the fast-changing trends in the concepts of beauty in society. Hence, we strive to make you the most skilled and result oriented cosmetologist.

As the CEO, I have certifications for the diploma in cosmetology, aesthetic concern, makeup artist, and Mehandi artist. My specialization is in choosing the best faculty for your courses and managing efficient teaching and learning procedures.


Our programs and courses give you the best opportunity to develop the professional and personal portfolio. We train you not only in cosmetology but also in the best clientele relation management practices. You can become an expert in client communication, understanding, and caring.

A comprehensive study of the skin types, textures, colors, sensitivity, and susceptibility to risks is a part of the curriculum. You will be an expert in beauty and skin care with the best safety practices.

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