Eye Treatment

It is enrich with natural extract. This treatment help to reduce, Dark circles & Puffines, under the eye.    –              550/-

Refreshing Glow

It help to remove the tan. Keep the skin nourish  & sooth. It is good for all akin type, specially for tanned & Dark skin. Not sutiable for sensitive & extermily oil skin.             –              860/-

Tan Clean Facial

This facial is helps to reduce the tan and protect the skin from UV rays. This is good for combination to oil skin. Not suitable for the extremily Dry skin.           –              950/-


It help to lighten the pigmentation, Dark spots finelines. Good for Normal to Dry skin. Not sutiable for sensitive & extemily oil skin.                 –              950/-

Vita Lift

It is enrich with Anti-Agning properites, helps to reduce, fine lines & wrinkles. Good for all skin type.      –              1200/-


This instant fairness facial makes the skin lighter and radiant. lt sutiable for all skin type. Not for sensitive skin                     –                1420/-

Pure Gold

This Luxurious facial prevents, Premature-agening, lighten Pigmentation, age spots, lines & wrinkles, lt Gives youthful Complexion. Good for all skin type. Except oily skin         –              1650/-


Unique Whitening Facial formulated with natural extracts. Help from sun burns, Tanning, oil, Rashes, Itching. Good for All Skin Type                             –              1700/-

Sensi Glow

Specially Formulated for Claming and soothing skin. It Reduce ltchiness and sensitivity & good For all skin type                   –                1850/-

Glow like a “DIVA”

Signature facial Treatments are Unique to the place, so you won’t experience if any where else. It is a good way to discover the spirit of a spa.


Specially Extracted From natural sea weed properties. This is a treatment specialty designed for acne porn skin. sutiable for oily & acne skin.                –              3500/-

24 karat gold

It contain 24 karat gold leaves, Which infused into the skin. Good for Normal to dry skin                –              3600/-

Diamond Luxury

No other facial treatment is equal this. These is one of the leading top professional facial in India. Glow like diva. For all skin type.     –              5000/-

Marmalide Facial

Highly concentrated natural fruit extract & vitamins. It maintaines PH-balance of the skin

1.Bear Berry – All Skin type

2.Vino Grapes – Good for Normal to oily skin, not for extermly Dry skin.

3.Kiwi – It is equal to 10 orages (Anti Ageining, Dry Skin).

4.Pineapple – Extermly good for sensitive skin.                  –              2200/-

Derma 4 Layer

Advanced, unique 4Layer Complex facial. Specialy designed for radiant whitening & Agening. Sutiable for  all skin type. Not for Extermely oily skin                   –              2450/-

Bridal Facial

Luxurys facial to get Radiant, Flawless Glow. Extermely Good for all skin type. Not sutiable for sensitive skin                        –                2500/-

Oyster Pearl

Detoxifies the skin, improve Pale complexion, Heal blemishes, reduce pore & Reguvenate skin. Rich in calcium, Minerals. All skin Type                             –              2800/-

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